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Phyto-Mast® - For UDDER HEALTH

Phyto-Mast®: a non-feed botanical formulation for udder health, namely, plants extracts for veterinary purposes: a non-feed formulation for bovine udder health, namely non-feed supplements for livestock, in Class 5 (US CLS 6, 18, 44, 46, 51 and 52)
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US PTO; Registration number 3,996,752; International Class 5; registered July 19, 2011

Phyto-Mast® (Milk Cows)

Efficacy of a Botanical Preparation for the Intramammary Treatment of Clinical Mastitis on an Organic Dairy Farm

P. Pinedo, MV, PhD; H. Karreman, VMD; H. Bothe, MV; C. Risco, DVM, Dipl. ACT; J. Velez, MV, MS, Dipl. ACT

“It is concluded that treatment with the botanical preparation (PHYTO-MAST®) had a positive effect on the time to recovery from clinical mastitis and increased the rate of bacteriological cure (day 14) together with improving the reduction of SCC post treatment. This preparation may be used for the treatment of clinical mastitis in organic dairy farms. Further research is needed to identify optimum therapeutic protocols with PHYTO-MAST® to obtain maximum efficacy for the treatment of clinical mastitis.”

From: American Association of Bovine Practitioners Proceedings Vol.43 9/2010 pg 260

Poster presented at the 2010 AABP Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, NM

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Phyto-Mast® (Dry Cows)

Effectiveness of an herbal remedy compared to control or traditional therapy in dry off treatments

K. A. E. Mullen*, K. L. Anderson, and S. P. Washburn

Conclusion: Cows treated with the herbal preparation, Phyto-Mast, at dry off had fewer new infections than no treatment. Conventional antibiotic therapy is effective, but not an option for certified organic dairies. Although not as effective as conventional antibiotic therapy, Phyto-Mast could be a potentially useful dry treatment for organically certified dairies currently not using dry therapy.

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Phyto-Mast® (Milk Goats)

Hot topic: Milk and plasma disposition of thymol following intramammary administration of a phytoceutical mastitis treatment.

C.S. McPhee K.L. Anderson J.L. Yeatts S.E. Mason B.M. Barlow R.E. Baynes

From the Abstract:
" In this pilot study, we attempted to identify several active ingredients of Phyto-Mast®, a plant-based mastitis treatment used on organic dairy farms, and to quantify the product residue in milk and plasma after intramammary administration. We developed an assay to quantify thymol (one of the active ingredients in Phyto-Mast®) in milk and plasma using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Thymol is a volatile aromatic compound with anti-inflammatory properties. As a model for dairy cows, 5 healthy, lactating alpine dairy goats were given 5?mL of Phyto-Mast® per udder half. For 10 days following treatment, we analyzed blood and milk samples for thymol residues using GC-MS. The GC-MS assay was very sensitive for thymol detection, to a concentration of 0.01 μg/mL in plasma. Using thymol as a marker, Phyto-Mast® was detectable and quantifiable in plasma beginning with the 15-min post-treatment sample, but was no longer detectable in the 4-h post-treatment sample. Thymol residues were only detected in the 12-h post-treatment milk sample. An inflammatory response was not evident in the udder following phytoceutical administration."

Journal of Dairy Science Volume 94, Issue 4 , Pages 1738-1743, April 2011


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