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Real Medicine... Real Solutions

Certified Organic cows don't need a vet too often, but when they do....
Dr. Karreman's products are there for you.

Phyto-Mast - a non-feed botanical formulation for udder health

Phyto-Biotic - herbal tincture formula comprised of herbs with a long tradition of antibacterial activity

Ferro - strong liquid mineral combination for stressed gut situations

Phyto-Gest - herbal tincture to promote digestive action

Heat Seek - herbal boluses to help show behavioral signs of heat

Get Well - herbal bolus formula comprised of herbs with a long tradition or antibacterial activity

Homeochords -multi-potency homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies – remedies in individual potency

All product labels contain the following information:

Contact information for Dr. Karreman; product name; ingredients; suggested method of use; suggested frequency of use; estimated withholding times; personal signature of Dr. Karreman and date signed.

For Bovinity Health, information on functional alternatives to antibiotics see:

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