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The Moo News Archive
Penn Dutch Cow Care Newsletter


December 2013
13 Years of the Moo News!

November 2013
Non-Antibiotic Treatment for Mastitis

October 2013
Soil Biology

September 2013
Maintaining a Vigorous, Vibrant and Effective Immune System

August 2013
Dry Cow Management

July 2013
Organic Dairying Turkey vs. US

June 2013

May 2013
Variety in the Veterinary Profession

April 2013
Early Pasture Season

March 2013
Causes, Prevention and Treatment of Coliform Mastitis

February 2013
Pneumonia - Preventing and Treating

January 2013
25 years in Organic Dairy Farming


December 2012
Sprouted Grains

November 2012
The Best "Vaccination Program"

October 2012
Getting Rready for Autumn and Winter Housing

September 2012
Herbal Medicine

August 2012

July 2012
Heat Stress

June 2012
Pasture as the Ideal

May 2012
Pasture as the Main Feed

April 2012
Matching Paddock Size with Ration Estimate of Grazing

March 2012
Preventing and Treating Calf Problems

February 2012
Freshening Cows

January 2012
Reasons to be Organic


December 2011
Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine

November 2011
Udder Health with Indoor Housing

October 2011
Health and Changing Seasons

September 2011
Parasites in Calves

August 2011
What's in a Name?

July 2011
Connecting and Blending Agriculture and Ourselves

June 2011

May 2011
The Individuality of Feeding

April 2011
Pasture Bloat

March 2011
Taking Prompt Action

February 2011

January 2011
"The Barn Guide to Treating Dairy Cows Naturally"


December 2010

November 2010
Care of Cows: Different Views

October 2010
Balancing Levels of Proof with Reality

September 2010
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

August 2010
Pasture Plants - the Good and the Bad

July 2010
Upcoming New Book

June 2010
Healthy, Robust Calves

May 2010
Keeping Track of Your Pasture Intake

April 2010
Implementing the New Pasture Rule

March 2010
New Pasture Rule!

February 2010
Coughing Calves

January 2010
Lucky to be organic


December 2009
NOSB Update

November 2009
Moving On

October 2009
Healthy Farms

September 2009
Stomach Worms

August 2009
Excipients and Vaccines

July 2009

June 2009
NOSB Livestock Issues

May 2009
Rumen Acidosis

Energy Needs of Lactating Cows
and Ketosis

March 2009
Calving Season

February 2009
Trip to Korea

January 2009
Dry bedding + fresh air + sunshine +
high forage diets = Healthy Animals


December 2008
NODPA, MODPA, and WODPA response
to proposed new USDA pasture standard

November 2008
proposed new USDA pasture standard

October 2008
the organic certification process

September 2008
bloat reminder; product availablity; NODPA event

August 2008
somatic cell counts

July 2008
heat stress

June 2008
overview of NOSB meeting

May 2008
pasture bloat, self-sufficient farming

April 2008

March 2008
freshening + just fresh cows

February 2008
DHIA study: reproduction

January 2008
newly allowed medications for organic livestock + National List


December 2007
overview of NOSB meeting, animal welfare

November 2007
seasonal change + how to keep cows healthy when not on pasture

October 2007
DHIA study: practices affecting milk quality

September 2007
bloat reminder, DHIA study: organic vs. conventional

August 2007
trip to Holland

July 2007

June 2007
general summer health issues

May 2007
cow appearance

April 2007
animal welfare; NO March newsletter

February 2007
my approach to cases I see

January 2007
drying cows off


December 2006
anti-oxidants and free radicals

November 2006
seasonal changes: digestive problems and calf respiratory problems

October 2006
bovine leukemia virus (BLV)

September 2006

August 2006
Federal ANPR for livestock medicines

July 2006
Johnes disease

June 2006

May 2006
NOSB pasture symposium, pasture MUN, body condition

April 2006
medicines from plants

March 2006
loving cows to death

February 2006
calf pneumonia, digestive problems

January 2006
practice activity of previous year


November 2005
pasture bloat, coughing calves, tinctures

October 2005
Johnes disease, BVD Persistent Infection (PI)

September 2005
pre-clipping paddocks, tips during harvest season, plasma development

August 2005
heat stroke

July 2005
A-Z to watch for in cows/calves

June 2005
pastures, internal parasites, flies, research projects

May 2005
pastures, grass tetany, bloat

April 2005
overview of NOSB meeting, pasture rule change urged by farmers

March 2005
freshening problems + tips

February 2005
dry cow care

January 2005
sick calves, coughing calves, treatment


December 2004
preventing pneumonia in calves

November 2004
fertility of cows

October 2004

September 2004
feed changes affecting cows, treatment

August 2004
management of cows' environment

July 2004
Johnes disease

June 2004
multi-prong approach to flies

May 2004
pasture bloat, rumen acidosis, foot rot

April 2004
paddock management, benefits of grazing

March 2004
preparing cows to calve, hutches, coccidia

February 2004
milk fever prevention, calving, obstetric manipulations

January 2004


December 2003
pneumonia, general treatment

November 2003
feed changes and scours, treatment

October 2003
West Nile Virus

September 2003
pinkeye, fly control, treatment

July 2003
ensiled feeds

June 2003
eclectic approach to cow treatments, pinkeye

May 2003
feeding cows when on pasture, grazing systems

April 2003
calf scours, pasture bloat

March 2003
retained placenta, prolapsed uterus

February 2003
calving issues

January 2003
hardware disease


December 2002
coughing calves

October 2002
fertility issues and treatment, BVD PI

September 2002
twisted stomach (DA)

August 2002

July 2002
heat stress, leaky cows and coliform mastitis

May 2002

April 2002
calf problems and feeding Q&A

March 2002

February 2002

January 2002
coughing calves


December 2001
timely attention to cow problems

October 2001
feed changes, digestion

August 2001
retained placenta, metritis (bad uterus)

July 2001
coliform mastitis

June 2001
bloat, acupuncture

May 2001
worms, feeding calves

February 2001
fiber length of feed, manure stacking


December 2000
Vitamin E

November 2000
Alternative therapies

September 2000
somatic cell count

August 2000

July 2000
immunization, water issues

May-June 2000

April-May 2000
grazing, parasites

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