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Hubert J. Karreman, VMD

Dr. Karreman is a “first generation” organic veterinarian, having begun using alternative treatments in 1988 as a herdsman on a Bio-Dynamic farm. Seeing them work so well, he was stimulated to go to veterinary school. He is one of very few veterinarians who worked with alternative treatments prior to becoming a veterinarian.

He works with farmers, agricultural scientists and medical researchers – all who are looking for answers to problems without the use of antibiotics.

He is a 1995 graduate from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. He is a dairy veterinarian and independent educator of organic veterinary medicine based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His practice is limited to internal medicine. He is an internationally recognized expert in the non-antibiotic treatment of infectious disease and non-hormonal treatment of infertility. He completed a 5 year term on the USDA National Organic Standards Board (2005-2010), serving 3 years as Chair of the NOSB Livestock Committee. In 1999-2000 Dr. Karreman was on the AVMA Taskforce for Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine (CAVM), which wrote the current AVMA Guidelines on CAVM.

By utilizing completely natural treatments for infection rather than antibiotics, Dr. Karreman hopes to elevate agricultural veterinary medicine to a higher level. Due to increasing antibiotic resistance, many countries are demanding that agricultural use of antibiotics be reduced so truly precious life-saving antibiotics do not lose effectiveness. Dr. Karreman’s methods are a model for the One Health collaborative initiative between veterinary medicine and human medicine to reduce antibiotic resistance.

Dr. Karreman will work with anyone. His audiences include professional farmers, veterinary students, veterinary associations and the general public. Please contact him to plan for your next gathering!

Dr. Karreman is available for teaching organic veterinary medicine and CowSignals by:

  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • Farm Visits
  • Consulting
  • Mentoring

Please contact him for your next gathering.

He works with anyone genuinely interested in creating a better world for farm animals, using no nonsense, rational strategies and treatments for common problems.

In addition to sharing medical methods of non-antibiotic treatments, he enjoys teaching farmers how to understand what their cows are telling them via the CowSignals®, a very visually oriented observation method for systematically looking at individual cows and determining obstacles to production. He s the first certified CowSignals® trainer in the United States.

He is also a member of the Bio-Dynamic Educators Collaborative. This allows him an outlet to share insights and intuitive abilities that he experiences with life around him, helping farmers to foster a deeper understanding and closer connection with the living world around them. He integrates spiritual dimensions of well-being with animal patients and animal friends, enabling a spontaneous healing at various levels to arise, enriching both the life of patient and doctor.  

His passion is being among animals, working directly with them in a hands-on way, and teaching ecological and natural methods of preventing and treating illness. He is the first certified CowSignals® trainer in the United States and enjoys sharing insights into reading cows and understanding what they are telling us. Dr. Karreman believes that we can more fully enjoy the living world around us by blending straight forward factual information with heart-based perception and insight.


My goal as a veterinarian is to promote ecologically based methods of dairy farming. I will dedicate my professional knowledge to help farmers use pasture, water, soil and manure resources in ways that create a biologically healthy landscape. In medicine and reproduction, I will primarily use natural therapies. In emergency situations, I will try to only use natural therapies but will use any treatment needed for the well being of the animal. I will help coordinate local grassroots efforts with state and national programs to promote ecological agriculture. I will endeavor to bridge the US organic livestock with the international organic livestock sector. In order to expand knowledge, I will conduct clinical pilot studies and attend meetings geared toward achieving the goals stated herein.

Hubert J Karreman, VMD

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