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Newsletter of Penn Dutch Cow Care November 2009

NOTE:         I will gladly drop off supplies which you have been getting from me. While I won’t have set call in times like previously, please leave your message at the regular number 717-768-7088 for any orders. Please allow a few days for delivery as I might be out of town. So plan ahead.   If you have a question about your cows, call the same regular number and I’ll either give you a call back or I’ll stop by to see you if I am in town. If I am out of town, you will need to call another vet with questions or problems.

Here is a listing of what I carry and will continue to dispense
(note: if you will be a client of Gap Vet they also carry and dispense):
(1)Hyper-Immune Plasma (as I’ve developed here in my practice and appears to be the closest thing to antibiotics, without being an antibiotic),
(2) Phyto-Mast, easy to use botanical tubes for lactating cows and especially at dry-off,
(3) Heat Seek tablets to help show heats, (4) Phyto-Biotic natural anti-infection tincture,
(5) Get Well natural anti-infection tablets, (6) Immunoboost (7) Biocel CBT colostrum-whey injectable, (8) Utre-Sept botanical uterine cleanse, (9) Iodine pills for bad uterus early on, (10) Ferro natural iron & tannin liquid against calf scours, coccidia and worms.

If you will be using a different vet, they may not carry these items, so call me directly.

If you want homeopathic remedies, call and leave a message with what you would like.
Remember that alternative treatments need to have vet labels to be in your barn cabinet (otherwise it is 7 points off at inspection). I will label all dispensed goods as usual.

If you would like to continue receiving the Moo News it is $10/year.   

Hi Folks,

            As I transition into working with organic dairy cows and livestock from a different angle, I want to thank each and every one of you for having been a central part of my everyday life since the day I graduated veterinary school and entered practice, some 14+ years ago by now. Each and every one of you has helped me to refine my method of working with dairy cows, especially when wrestling with cases without the use of antibiotics and hormones for common problems. For those at a distance outside of the Lancaster area, your questions, comments and having your veterinarians contacting me have helped to increase the impact of organic livestock health care across the country. I can’t thank you all enough! Indeed, I am grateful for the life building experience. I look forward to continuing working with all of you, no matter where you are. Fortunately, veterinary medicine is a very flexible profession, allowing one to move around within it fairly easily.

            Early this past summer I started a medical company called Plasma Gold Bioceutics, a company dedicated to the pharmaceutical manufacture, production and distribution of the highest quality medicinals made from ingredients found in nature. The foundational concept of Plasma Gold Bioceutics is that infectious disease can be treated without antibiotics and infertility can be treated without hormones. This is based on my experience “in the trenches” with dairy cows and being severely limited by the federal laws prohibiting antibiotic and hormone use in certified organic livestock. Plasma Gold Bioceutics is aiming to create medicinal products of pharmaceutical quality for both animal and human needs. The Board of Directors, Management, and Advisory Boards are made up of the most respected agricultural veterinarians and human health critical care physicians, as well as select individuals from within the international organic community, that have the highest integrity and in whom I have the highest confidence.

Plasma Gold Bioceutics is the manufacturer of Plasma Gold, Phyto-Mast, Heat Seek and other products you have come to know. We plan to license Plasma Gold with USDA to get a claim for reducing symptoms and severity of various diseases based on challenge studies we will be carrying out. Plasma Gold is manufactured now and you can order it directly from me. It can be given IV, IM or under the skin. It can stay frozen for years or stay in the refrigerator for 6 months but once opened it needs to be used all at once as there are no preservatives. It is fine to use for organics under 7 CFR 238 (a) (6). It is the closest medicine I have to antibiotics, without it being an antibiotic. Over time, we aim to develop different kinds of plasma to help treat various infectious diseases, for both animals and humans. Organic veterinary medicine may well spill over into conventional agriculture and human medicine – what a great impact organics may have in the world!

While Plasma Gold Bioceutics will be my main focus, I will be working part time with Gary Zimmer and Mid-Western Bio Ag (MBA), a very solid company which is already working with Keystone BioAg. My previous college degree in soil science and life experience as an “in the trenches” dairy veterinarian will be enhanced by new soil fertility training and dairy nutrition training with MBA this month. Just as everyone likes to say: health begins in the soil, going up through the crop and then into the cow to make healthy products. I see this as a great opportunity to combine my previous soil knowledge and dairy vet work in a very practical way to enhance dairy farm health even further. Becky Brown will be in the region as a full time MidWestern BioAg consultant and I will introduce her to you and give her support if needed, as I am thoroughly familiar with problems that farms and herds face in the general region.

One last thing – I will always have my stethoscope! In other words, I look forward to checking an occasional cow no matter where I find myself in the countryside. Once a vet, always a vet – I just need to do some necessary transitioning at this point. So for those of you reading this in other states, I hope to be on your farms at some point. And for all my local farming friends here in Lancaster, I look forward to stopping by either to drop off some supplies, answer some cow health questions, or to help with your farm’s overall biological vigor and vitality.

Have a wonderful wedding season and a blessed Thanksgiving!

For Bovinity Health, information on functional alternatives to antibiotics see:

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