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Newsletter of Penn Dutch Cow Care December 2013

Hi Folks,

I’ve come to realize it’s now been a full 13 years since I started writing the monthly Moo News - about 150 issues in all. The Moo News originated as an idea to give local clients practical tips for health care from what I saw in practice with organic dairy cows. However, I left full-time dairy practice three years ago and since then I’ve been in part-time practice. But now I’m excited to be working at the Rodale Institute and am no longer in private practice as I once was. To put things in perspective, in the last few months I’ve been very wrapped up in learning about the challenges in raising certified-organic pigs on pasture without using any wormers. And to the best of my knowledge we at Rodale are the first in Pennsylvania with certified organic pigs for sale – very plump, currently 150 lb, Large Black crosses (need any?). While at the end of the day I’m an organic dairy cow vet through and through, you can see that I am being occupied by other farm animals at this point. Therefore this will be the last issue of the Moo News.

Each issue of The Moo News has focused on (1) what I was seeing in the field, (2) tips to prevent seasonal problems, and/or (3) what may have been occurring in the organic world generally. In a quick review, I see that I’ve written a fair number of times on the specific following topics over the years (with the number of times shown): parasites (7), flies (4), grazing (15), lameness(4), bloat(10), various infectious diseases(9), pinkeye(5), pneumonia(7), mastitis(6), dry cows(3), obstetrics and uterine problems(11), calves(10), digestion and metabolic(15), cow environment(11), immune system(3), alternative medicine(9), research(5), NOSB issues(13), journeys to different countries(3) and other various topics. Hopefully readers have learned how to deal with problems in different ways and also have learned how organic agriculture looks nationally and internationally.

Some people have told me they’ve saved each month’s issue and put them into a notebook. Most people haven’t, so I have been talking with my publisher at Acres USA about making a book of the Moo News in some manner. Hopefully that will come out in the New Year – it’s already written after all, in a sense. It would follow from my other two books of practical tips and strategies from Acres USA: Treating Dairy Cows Naturally and The Barn Guide to Treating Dairy Cows Naturally (with color photos).

I will be continuing to write articles on organic farm animal health care (all farm species) but now through The New Farm, a Rodale Institute publication which is starting to be printed again. The New Farm journal was a favorite publication of mine way back when I was a herdsman on a Biodynamic organic farm in the late 1980’s. Along with Bill Murphy’s “Greener Grass on Your Side of the Fence”, The New Farm was my primary educational tool for alternative agriculture. To write for it now will be a delight. Additionally, we are setting up organic veterinary health workshops, both on-site at the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA as well as out in the countryside wherever farmers may request them. They will be organic dairy cow focused – organic health care and CowSignals®. So please either see the website www.rodaleinstitute.org or call the Institute at 1-610-683-1400.

I also want to really thank The Country Folks of Palantine Bridge NY- the best weekly farm newspaper in New England and New York. They have been running The Moo News as a column in their dairy edition every month for more than a decade. As I’ve travelled throughout New England to give presentations, people at various times have come up afterwards and mentioned specific details of articles I’ve written. It’s always inspiring to me that hard working dairy famers will recall very specific information from a column they’ve read perhaps many months ago. I’m truly honored that so many people have faithfully read the Moo News for so long.

Speaking of more than a decade of The Moo News, this monthly newsletter also saw the birth of our dear darling daughter Emily in October 2002. Being very gifted in words, writing and drawing, she’s actually been my proof-reader for the last few years. Hopefully you’ve found the Moo News easy to read. Some of her drawings are shown with this Moo News. She’s an avid reader of various agricultural magazines: Farming (David Kline’s publication from Ohio) and Progressive Dairyman among them. She and my wife, Becky, have dutifully made copies, stuffed envelopes, addressed them and placed stamps on all the issues you have received. The Moo News has truly been a family effort and we have enjoyed bringing you the latest from the Lancaster PA region and beyond. Thank you for your support over the years!

Just to make sure you know, we carry a handful of products for farm animal use – products that I have seen work consistently well across a variety of farm types and regions over the last 18 years. As many know, Phyto-Mast® (my dual purpose botanical tubes for lactation & dry off) showed enough merit and value in enhancing milk quality that the 1st PhD in the United States for the non-antibiotic treatment of mastitis was awarded at North Carolina State University in November. Becky, Emily and I fill orders for Phyto-Mast, Ferro, Phyto-Biotic, Heat Seek, Phyto-Gest and Get Well – all mentioned in The Moo News somewhere along the way. We also have about 100 different homeopathic remedies (single potency and multi-potency). My products come with complete labels for inspection purposes. See phytomast.com or call us at 717-768-7088.

The end of the year is upon us and that means Christmas is around the corner. I hope that each of you enjoys the Gift that God has given to the world as Christmas approaches. May we share the Joy of Jesus with those less fortunate - those that need His wonderful warm Love and Light. May God bless you, your kin and others who you love. I hope to see you sometime at an animal health workshop, conference seminar or pasture walk ….. somewhere among the cows.

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